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News from the last week in august

Monkeysoop ( are in studio this month working on a hybrid Live and Studio album. Righteous! We’ve got some live tracks recorded at a local joint and then we’re also going to throw in some new studio stuff. Should be interesting.

Confusion Only ( are working toward a new look and website. We’re going to start an online comic that will have embedded extra content, like videos and demos and such. I am going to cross-pollinate from with my Ninjaneer concept.

So here is a quick mockup up of how the comic may look. It’s going to be a cross between line-traced. comicized pictures and real backgrounds. Something like “through a scanner darkly” meets

Or something. Hmmm…looking at it now, it’s a bit creepy, huh?

Quick mockup of online comic

Quick mockup of online comic

Open Eyes: new song Free Download!

Download the Open Eyes mp3 for free.

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