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CD Title is: Entanglemental

Mock-ups of the cover soon.

All recording finished…

now all i need is a title for the album. I was going with the title “5 Color Photographs” for the longest time, but now i am thinking of doing something different and not using a song title as the album title.

So the names I’ve been tossing around are: "

– Defenestrated

– A Treatise on the Efficaciousnous of Non-Convoluted Exposition

– Euphemistic Elipsis

– Pop Shot

– Pander

– Hodge Podge

– Controversially Agreeable

– Schroedinger’s Cat Was Bored

– Maxwell’s Equations Make Horrible Coffee

– Verschraenkung or Entanglement

– Entangled

I like the second one, but it’s a bit too silly? I do like the last two as well (the previous to last is Schroedinger’s word for “entanglement”)

Hmmm…entanglement could have some nice visual possibilities as well.