It seems like I am always editing.

Not always always, just mostly always. The great majority of the time recently I am less creating than fixing. of course the end result is a creation, but it is a less “active”firm of creation. I suppose I want more to swing the hammer than work the blueprints.
but right now, that isn’t the task, so onward and metaphorically speaking upward!
Skeptic Wire Podcast

Oooh broadband back in business

I’m giving the next step up broadband a shot. And I just uploaded a new “Injudicious Ramblings” Episode 013 to the site. Wow. It’s a 2 hour podcast this time- mainly due to laziness of editing on my part, but hopefully some interesting discussioning. But the 40.6MB file only took 5 minutes to upload, as opposed to the nearly 45 minutes it was taking. I’m wondering how much of that was the broadband upgrade and how much was the new cable modem for which I exchanged, today? I know it’s a good part of the extra bandwidth, but as the old modem was on it’s final shaky…um…legs, I think a little can be attributed to the new modem.

Editing podcasts

Editing down a 2 hour plus recording for an upcoming podcast. I hope it’ll cut down to no more than an hour but we shall see. At the very least I’ll get a goo majority of the ummmms and ahhh’s out.
I did make a sweet musical intro tho. If we can decide what to call the podcast, that be even better.