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Confusion Only: yes. Thrashing Ashley: no.

I had to stop playing with thrashing Ashley a couple of weeks ago as Confusion Only is taking my time. Plus, Confusion Only is actually gigging and making money and Thrashing Ashley is looking for a new guitarist and not playing.

I must admit to feeling bad about stopping the Thrashing ashley saga as they are nice guys and it’s good music. Sadly, i lost too much money on a gig of which I wasn’t even supposed to be a permanent part: way too much money. Especially as i realized midway that the band as it stood wouldn’t be viable after the CD completion, due to members doing too many other things to make ends meet.

Very sad.

confusion Only has finished their CD (the recording part), and most of the artwork, and once the “thank yous” are written, we should be getting that printed. In the meantime, you can buy CD-R versions at our gigs.

new windows

Oh the excitement: I’m getting new windows installed today and tomorrow. Whoo! With luck this will reduce noise in the studio and reduce the cost of AC and heating.

I’m worried a little about it being so cold (41F, as I write). Will expansion be a problem when it warms up? Should I have waited until summer or spring? Yesterday it was 70F, so maybe it’ll warm up a bit today. Still: i have a lifetime warranty on the work, so if the seals are busted, they’ll fix it. Allegedly.

I had Sears come out and give me an estimate for 10 windows and a sliding door.


That bears repeating: $15,000!

So i got another estimate on effectively the same windows and warranty: $5000.

That’s more palatable. I still am worried if i did the right thing. I need the windows for the studio as the single pane pieces of junk that KB homes installs when they build are exactly what you pay for when you get a lower-mid-range-priced home.