new windows

Oh the excitement: I’m getting new windows installed today and tomorrow. Whoo! With luck this will reduce noise in the studio and reduce the cost of AC and heating.

I’m worried a little about it being so cold (41F, as I write). Will expansion be a problem when it warms up? Should I have waited until summer or spring? Yesterday it was 70F, so maybe it’ll warm up a bit today. Still: i have a lifetime warranty on the work, so if the seals are busted, they’ll fix it. Allegedly.

I had Sears come out and give me an estimate for 10 windows and a sliding door.


That bears repeating: $15,000!

So i got another estimate on effectively the same windows and warranty: $5000.

That’s more palatable. I still am worried if i did the right thing. I need the windows for the studio as the single pane pieces of junk that KB homes installs when they build are exactly what you pay for when you get a lower-mid-range-priced home.