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Hear Those Words: NEW SONG!

Finally, I have another song to upload. I just bought a MOTU 24I/0 and expansion box for the studio and now I have 48 channels of live recording power. I don’t think i can get that many people in my studio, tho.
So here is the new song. Hope you enjoy it. It features Paul Kandera doing the primary twiddly bits on the guitar.

Hear Those Words

This song features Paul Kandera on slide guitar and interstitial guitar bits. Thanks Paul!

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Most excellent: I have some new equipment on the way that should give greater stability to my recording system. Not that I have regular problems now, but I’m getting a new (to me) MOTU 24 I/O and expansion for the PCIe bus, which should make it far far far less likely of having a dropout during a session due to firewire synchronicity issues (they crop up every once in a while, especially when the computer has been on for 8 to 10 hours). Also, it will give me 48 inputs and outputs. I don’t know how i’ll get an orchestra in the studio, but if I can:  i’ll be able to do a live recording with close mics on them. 🙂

So thanks and good luck to Greg from Orion Records in Phildelphia for passing on the savings, as they apparently went ProTools!