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Have a techno-babble show what needs a theme?

I’m thinking a cross between Airwolf, Tron (or that 1-season take-off), and/or Knight Rider.

It’s a little thing I did this morning messing about with SONAR X1.

Electro theme 1

Curse this post-cold!

Throat is still recovering from The Cough. Meh. But I’m working away on the short film score and making nice progress. I won’t be posting anything from that until such time the film is ready and PDP says ok to do so. But it is some nice simple and hauntingly poignant music using piano, acoustic guitar, string sections, and solo cello (tho may change that to viola…we’ll see how it sounds).
The Garritan Orchestra is a lot of fun to use and it’s pretty simple to get the basic sound I’m going for especially using the key switching. Just wish I had a full size keyboard right now. No worries: I can do what I need with the 46.

Placebo Bands are here! (Oh and I had a pre-production meeting for a short film)

And I feel better already!

Why I think I may even be able to type this post while fending off a puppy attack and not cough once qiwety!! Curse. At least I and my puppy feel better semiquantitatively in a statistical manner.

Thanks, Skeptic Bros!

In other news, the pre-production meeting went well for the short film “Three Yellow Roses”, which is the first in a quadrilogy of short films. I’m looking forward to working on it. And I also signed myself up for some ADR, and maybe some Foley.  Good times!

Now off to a Superbowl party where I will imbibe in water and un-alcohol. Meh.

Scoring a short film II

Nikki Young (from PrimaDonna Productions, Inc.) called me earlier this week to see if I would be interested in scoring a short film she is working on. I, of course, said “Yes,” And I am very excited about it. I say anything about the film at this time, as the pre-production meeting is Saturday, and I don’t know what their policy is on non-disclosure, so why risk it?

Regardless, I’m am looking forward to working with her and the director and the etc so I can stretch and show my skill(s). And I hope it’ll open the door to more opportunities.

No POC this week

I don’t think I will get the new song done this week. I had a cough come on last night and that’s not a good thing in general. So it’ll be next week. Oh I can do the music, but the words won’t be properly tracked.
Heavy sigh, but at least I don’t currently feel a fever or sick other than the cough.

Iphone test post

I have written a song in one go. Ish. Editing is a bitch. I had the chord progression but no words and as I sat pondering the ineffable world from whence spring lyricalosities, and defending myself from an onslaught of puppy exuberance, I realized that the puppy was staring at me from the middle if the living room. I knew- KNEW- she was going to leak. And she waited until I was looking at her. The bitch. So I wrote a song about it. It’ll be online as soon as I redo the vox and add drums.
And that’s my first iPhone post.