New song “Mr. Rev John Martin” It’s about spam!

I received a spam email that was all over the place in terms of getting the dollars and British pounds sensibly and properly situated. And the first few paragraphs were kind of in poetry. So I used them.

New Song: Summertime is Here

Written for the Skeptic Wire Summer Song Challenge. Hosted on Soundcloud.


New songs! Valentines Day and My Baby Is A Scientist

Valentine’s Day written for a songwriting challenge on The Skeptic Wire podcast (

My Baby Is A Scientist written for my girlfriend on her birthday

First download from CDBaby!

Very exciting that someone purchased “Entangle Mental” from! They didn’t get the full magnificent glory of the CD, but they bought the download! Thank you “DE”, whoever and wherever you are. i am unsure if ‘DE’ is the country, state, or initials of the purchaser.

No worries. It’s a start.

In the meantime, you can still right click and download:

Entangle Mental, the entire CD

The Entire “Entangle Mental” CD in one fell swoop!

Here is the entire CD in a single download. It is slightly lesser quality than an MP3 you might get from iTunes, or make yourself, but certainly good enough for you to get the idea. All you have to do- should you want to- is cut it up. This can be done using Audacity which is a free audio program a relatively easy to use.

The link to get Entangle Mental is:

Entangle Mental, the entire CD

Right-click and Save As… as you see fit.

The CD has basically escaped as a high quality demo CD rather than the finished and near-perfect CD I envisioned. I hope you will enjoy it. It will be available in two weeks (30Oct2010) on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon, (among other places) for purchase and for live streaming. I hope you enjoy it enough to do so.

Bug in My Coffee

I think the song title says it all. Enjoy! Dead Bug In My Coffee 04Apr2010

Hear Those Words: NEW SONG!

Finally, I have another song to upload. I just bought a MOTU 24I/0 and expansion box for the studio and now I have 48 channels of live recording power. I don’t think i can get that many people in my studio, tho.
So here is the new song. Hope you enjoy it. It features Paul Kandera doing the primary twiddly bits on the guitar.

Hear Those Words

This song features Paul Kandera on slide guitar and interstitial guitar bits. Thanks Paul!

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New song “Words Have Weight”

Right click and Save As… Words Have Weight

if you like the song feel free to donate at:

Words Have Weight

We just sit in these four walls
Regarding what to say
But nothing unsaid can chase these gray thoughts away
Sit here, let’s talk
Let’s sail the conversation sea
When next the sun comes shining upon our door
We’ll find we’re on a foreign shore

Words have weight that gravity doesn’t share
They drag and trip and hold
Words bring chains and locks and pain
When they’re fighting for control

We all want someone who’ll miss us when we’re away
We all want someone who will kiss all our fears away
We all want someone who’ll hold our hands and sigh
And promise us they won’t say goodbye

Words have weight that gravity cannot see
They move and soothe our souls
Words have wings that lift us to higher spaces
Leaving us to grow together
Through all that we weather
They take us through, me and you
Leaving us to be together
Me and you

We just sit and stare a while
Let the catalyst react
We both know there won’t soon be another act
Sit here, let’s talk
Let’s sail the conversation sea
When next the sun comes shining upon our door
We’ll see we’re on a foreign shore
Words have weight that science can’t quantify
They soothe, persuade, control
Words create and destroy upon circumstance
And warm and cheer our souls

Confusion Only: yes. Thrashing Ashley: no.

I had to stop playing with thrashing Ashley a couple of weeks ago as Confusion Only is taking my time. Plus, Confusion Only is actually gigging and making money and Thrashing Ashley is looking for a new guitarist and not playing.

I must admit to feeling bad about stopping the Thrashing ashley saga as they are nice guys and it’s good music. Sadly, i lost too much money on a gig of which I wasn’t even supposed to be a permanent part: way too much money. Especially as i realized midway that the band as it stood wouldn’t be viable after the CD completion, due to members doing too many other things to make ends meet.

Very sad.

confusion Only has finished their CD (the recording part), and most of the artwork, and once the “thank yous” are written, we should be getting that printed. In the meantime, you can buy CD-R versions at our gigs.


Steve Bratland and I ran sound for the Juneteenth celebration downtown. it was quite the experience and a lot of fun. Very very hot, however. I think I sweated half my body weight. It started out “can you run sound?” and morphed into “can you provide a backline as well?” Backline means drum set, bass rig, guitar rig, and maybe a keyboard.

“Sure” says we.

And it was done. Initially we thought we would get away with Steve’s CB700 set that he Drumagogs in his studio, but his hardware isn’t very good so we opted to use my gig hardware. Then we (actually: I) decided that we might as well give a good showing and bring my gig kit. Which we (I) did. Plus speakers, mixer, cords, and etc.


That’s 3/4 of the Sexy Momless Mom Mobile filled. Then we filled the rest of the Now-Extremely-Sexy Sexy Momless Mom Mobile with the PA, more cords, more speakers, stands, stands, a keyboard, and two drum stools (I’d call them thrones but they weren’t going to be used by drummers).

And so we mixed. And sweated. And cursed an intermittent speaker fart that eventually turned out to be a combination of a jitzy line out from the bass rig and bad vocal technique from singers.

I’ll post pics when i can access my camera which is buried in the van at the moment.