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Upgrades! Updates!

ProTools 9 is out now. It should allow me to use my MOTU I/O instead of having to dongle their DIGI00X interfaces. And they apparently finally bundled the OMF capabilities! That’s a saving of $500. Actually, that’s them finally realizing their [disparaging adjectives deleted] pay-to-play, ala carte, if-you-ave-to-ask-you-can’t-afford-it business model isn’t working.  I did finally have to buy an iLok USB key, but it’s better than an iLok plus a $1200 dongle called a DIGI003.  So it’s back-up and install time at G.O.Recording Studio.

Also, SONAR X1 has been announced and they appear to have made some very nice work-flow improvements. SONAR is my go-to software so I am pretty excited about some of the new GUI features. It looks like they’ve also improved the file structure and ability to share files between projects. Yay! That’s a December purchase, tho, so it gives me time to sell my plasma and pimp my services.

Yes, it’s 3:30am. Yes I started working. Hey: the coffee maker says 9:00 so I’ll go with that. I happen to know it’s wrong, but the coffee maker has great weight in my household nad I will overlook it’s overly enthusiastic concept of time for the moment.

Download my Entangle Mental, the entire CD <–there , or better BUY IT at CDBaby or iTunes under “Entangle Mental” or “Balsa Racers”. Thank you!

A Show! New Songs Soon!

Picked up a gig at Taco garage in San Antonio, TX at 410 and Broadway from 6 to 8PM. Acoustic solo thing.

I have three new songs I’ve done the proof of concept recordings on. One is just plain  silly, but I’ve decided not to censor such inanities. Look for new songs- at least the POC’s- next week!