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My refrigerator sold

And here is my post on craigslist (which is so much way betterer than the now-too-commercial ebay)

Full size (H: 68″, W: 32″, D: 33″…ish), bottom freezer section with ice maker, Hinges on the right side. White.

Refrigerators and I have been through a lot and it is sad to see this one leave the nest. Why, I remember my first refrigerator: ’twas just a small dorm fridge, keeping my carbonated high fructose corn syrup-y beverages cold, and the occasional beer. OK, let’s be fair: it was always beer. And then the small apartment fridge, with the discolored shelves from the exceedingly dirty prior tenants. And finally blossoming into this monstrosity: a full-blown, real, honest-to-goodness ginormous refrigerator. But a brief two years overseas (where I had a smallish European style model..very classy when it wasn’t covered in the sand and dust that leaked through the doors and windows), caused this guy to morph into a garage refrigerator, holding those items that simply didn’t fit into the daily nutritional requirements a newer-y refrigerator would contain. And so it sat in the garage, keeping the guest beers cool, the popsicles, ice cream, and left-overs frozen, and the…no I think that must be pretty much everything it’s done for the last few years.

Asking $150. I think it’s worth it. If I were looking for a used, working refrigerator that’s about what I’d expect to pay.
Will consider delivering for an extra $528.42, cash, exact change only. No pennies. In other words: please have your own vehicle, tie-down straps, rope, tape (to keep the doors closed), and assorted refrigerator transportation type equipment. If I recall correctly, this refrigerator has been known to fit on its side in a Ford Windstar with all the back seats removed.

Call/ text [information redacted]

No POC this week

I don’t think I will get the new song done this week. I had a cough come on last night and that’s not a good thing in general. So it’ll be next week. Oh I can do the music, but the words won’t be properly tracked.
Heavy sigh, but at least I don’t currently feel a fever or sick other than the cough.

Iphone test post

I have written a song in one go. Ish. Editing is a bitch. I had the chord progression but no words and as I sat pondering the ineffable world from whence spring lyricalosities, and defending myself from an onslaught of puppy exuberance, I realized that the puppy was staring at me from the middle if the living room. I knew- KNEW- she was going to leak. And she waited until I was looking at her. The bitch. So I wrote a song about it. It’ll be online as soon as I redo the vox and add drums.
And that’s my first iPhone post.

First download from CDBaby!

Very exciting that someone purchased “Entangle Mental” from! They didn’t get the full magnificent glory of the CD, but they bought the download! Thank you “DE”, whoever and wherever you are. i am unsure if ‘DE’ is the country, state, or initials of the purchaser.

No worries. It’s a start.

In the meantime, you can still right click and download:

Entangle Mental, the entire CD


Most excellent: I have some new equipment on the way that should give greater stability to my recording system. Not that I have regular problems now, but I’m getting a new (to me) MOTU 24 I/O and expansion for the PCIe bus, which should make it far far far less likely of having a dropout during a session due to firewire synchronicity issues (they crop up every once in a while, especially when the computer has been on for 8 to 10 hours). Also, it will give me 48 inputs and outputs. I don’t know how i’ll get an orchestra in the studio, but if I can:  i’ll be able to do a live recording with close mics on them. 🙂

So thanks and good luck to Greg from Orion Records in Phildelphia for passing on the savings, as they apparently went ProTools!

new windows

Oh the excitement: I’m getting new windows installed today and tomorrow. Whoo! With luck this will reduce noise in the studio and reduce the cost of AC and heating.

I’m worried a little about it being so cold (41F, as I write). Will expansion be a problem when it warms up? Should I have waited until summer or spring? Yesterday it was 70F, so maybe it’ll warm up a bit today. Still: i have a lifetime warranty on the work, so if the seals are busted, they’ll fix it. Allegedly.

I had Sears come out and give me an estimate for 10 windows and a sliding door.


That bears repeating: $15,000!

So i got another estimate on effectively the same windows and warranty: $5000.

That’s more palatable. I still am worried if i did the right thing. I need the windows for the studio as the single pane pieces of junk that KB homes installs when they build are exactly what you pay for when you get a lower-mid-range-priced home.

It is also the alternator

Right. So after i get a new battery put in the van last week and all seems well, off I go driving down the street this morning and what happens? the battery light comes on. And stay on. Great. fortunatly i’m driving right by Jordan ford. One quick look an ‘lo: it’s the alternator! Like I said. only it was OK when they checked it last week. so now I apparently have to pay more money. Shit.

Fortunately, I am recording two songs on drums for Alan Fisher today so that’ll get me enough to cover this. But I really don’t think I should. I think they missed it. Yes, it’s probaly coincidence, but dammit!

Batteries and other junk

The lady from Jordan ford called last eve and said that at the least, the battery was bad on the van. i replaced the battery less than two years ago right after I bought it. I’m pretty certain that batteries are supposed to last at least two years. Sadly, I’m pretty sure the receipt for this is no longer viable as all the retail companies (Pep Boys, e.g.) are using heat-activated paper so you can’t see the items on the reciept if they’ve, say, sat in a car for a while.


So I await further communication form the repair shop. Hopefully (sadly), there is something wrong with the car or I’ll have to pay for everything and that will cost me more than the $75 copay. My car has better health insurance than me. Isn’t that sad?

Stupid car!

Curse the luck: my Sexy Momless Mom Mobile doesn’t start. Click click whirr chunk. Not good stuff. Yay for extended warranty that covers this. I think if it’s the alternator again, I’m trading it in. What good is a vehicle who’s alternator craps out every year? Not even a year! It went out last August. Yep.

So a day or so without a 4-wheeled chariot may not be so bad….

As i was talking to Bobby from “Don’s Towing” who happened to be at Jordan Ford we had a crossed connection.

“Where are your keys” says he.

“Right here in my pocket” says I

“Well I’m in front” says he

“OK…., that was fast”

“No I’m just here in front come give me your keys”

“Yes, but my van is at my house”

“Right, come give me your keys and we’ll go get your van”

“But I’m at my house, too: car won’t start”


So the tow guy shows up looking like Sam Elliot on a bad day.

thank goodness for gravity, though: i have a downhill from my garage, which leads to an uphill on the street that Bobby used to good effect to get the van onto his rig (I’d diagram it, but that would be silly) . Physics in action! Yay science!