Juneteenth stuff

All this plus another large rack, three suitcases of cords, two fold-up chairs, and a keyboard fir into my minivan. It was what we engineers call “full” probably could have fit a 6-pack in there if necessary (you always have room for a beer)

That\'s a lot of stuff in a van

Buffalo Soldiers. I felt for these guys all in wool in June in San Antonio, Texas.

Buffalo Soldiers

Blues, man! He wasn’t too happy about the monitor sound (it was peeling his face off, it was so loud, apparently), but he didn’t say anything until I went to the stage to fix a glitch: you gotta tell someone there’s a problem if you want to get it fixed. Which we did. Alas, he kept moving away from the mic when he sang softer and got closer to the mic when he got louder, so we had to ride the fader and gain the entire time.  The keyboardist was excellent. The bassist and drummer were very good, too.

George Underwood Blues Band

These guys i felt bad for, as they were doing a lot of head, hand, and foot spins on a splinter-laden stage. I think they may have needed medical care after.

Copiera Dancers

My camera couldn’t take a good picture of the Ron Wilkins Quartet, but they were fantastic!