Stupid car!

Curse the luck: my Sexy Momless Mom Mobile doesn’t start. Click click whirr chunk. Not good stuff. Yay for extended warranty that covers this. I think if it’s the alternator again, I’m trading it in. What good is a vehicle who’s alternator craps out every year? Not even a year! It went out last August. Yep.

So a day or so without a 4-wheeled chariot may not be so bad….

As i was talking to Bobby from “Don’s Towing” who happened to be at Jordan Ford we had a crossed connection.

“Where are your keys” says he.

“Right here in my pocket” says I

“Well I’m in front” says he

“OK…., that was fast”

“No I’m just here in front come give me your keys”

“Yes, but my van is at my house”

“Right, come give me your keys and we’ll go get your van”

“But I’m at my house, too: car won’t start”


So the tow guy shows up looking like Sam Elliot on a bad day.

thank goodness for gravity, though: i have a downhill from my garage, which leads to an uphill on the street that Bobby used to good effect to get the van onto his rig (I’d diagram it, but that would be silly) . Physics in action! Yay science!