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My refrigerator sold

And here is my post on craigslist (which is so much way betterer than the now-too-commercial ebay)

Full size (H: 68″, W: 32″, D: 33″…ish), bottom freezer section with ice maker, Hinges on the right side. White.

Refrigerators and I have been through a lot and it is sad to see this one leave the nest. Why, I remember my first refrigerator: ’twas just a small dorm fridge, keeping my carbonated high fructose corn syrup-y beverages cold, and the occasional beer. OK, let’s be fair: it was always beer. And then the small apartment fridge, with the discolored shelves from the exceedingly dirty prior tenants. And finally blossoming into this monstrosity: a full-blown, real, honest-to-goodness ginormous refrigerator. But a brief two years overseas (where I had a smallish European style model..very classy when it wasn’t covered in the sand and dust that leaked through the doors and windows), caused this guy to morph into a garage refrigerator, holding those items that simply didn’t fit into the daily nutritional requirements a newer-y refrigerator would contain. And so it sat in the garage, keeping the guest beers cool, the popsicles, ice cream, and left-overs frozen, and the…no I think that must be pretty much everything it’s done for the last few years.

Asking $150. I think it’s worth it. If I were looking for a used, working refrigerator that’s about what I’d expect to pay.
Will consider delivering for an extra $528.42, cash, exact change only. No pennies. In other words: please have your own vehicle, tie-down straps, rope, tape (to keep the doors closed), and assorted refrigerator transportation type equipment. If I recall correctly, this refrigerator has been known to fit on its side in a Ford Windstar with all the back seats removed.

Call/ text [information redacted]

Curse this post-cold!

Throat is still recovering from The Cough. Meh. But I’m working away on the short film score and making nice progress. I won’t be posting anything from that until such time the film is ready and PDP says ok to do so. But it is some nice simple and hauntingly poignant music using piano, acoustic guitar, string sections, and solo cello (tho may change that to viola…we’ll see how it sounds).
The Garritan Orchestra is a lot of fun to use and it’s pretty simple to get the basic sound I’m going for especially using the key switching. Just wish I had a full size keyboard right now. No worries: I can do what I need with the 46.

Placebo Bands are here! (Oh and I had a pre-production meeting for a short film)

And I feel better already!

Why I think I may even be able to type this post while fending off a puppy attack and not cough once qiwety!! Curse. At least I and my puppy feel better semiquantitatively in a statistical manner.

Thanks, Skeptic Bros!

In other news, the pre-production meeting went well for the short film “Three Yellow Roses”, which is the first in a quadrilogy of short films. I’m looking forward to working on it. And I also signed myself up for some ADR, and maybe some Foley.  Good times!

Now off to a Superbowl party where I will imbibe in water and un-alcohol. Meh.

No POC this week

I don’t think I will get the new song done this week. I had a cough come on last night and that’s not a good thing in general. So it’ll be next week. Oh I can do the music, but the words won’t be properly tracked.
Heavy sigh, but at least I don’t currently feel a fever or sick other than the cough.

First download from CDBaby!

Very exciting that someone purchased “Entangle Mental” from! They didn’t get the full magnificent glory of the CD, but they bought the download! Thank you “DE”, whoever and wherever you are. i am unsure if ‘DE’ is the country, state, or initials of the purchaser.

No worries. It’s a start.

In the meantime, you can still right click and download:

Entangle Mental, the entire CD

The Entire “Entangle Mental” CD in one fell swoop!

Here is the entire CD in a single download. It is slightly lesser quality than an MP3 you might get from iTunes, or make yourself, but certainly good enough for you to get the idea. All you have to do- should you want to- is cut it up. This can be done using Audacity which is a free audio program a relatively easy to use.

The link to get Entangle Mental is:

Entangle Mental, the entire CD

Right-click and Save As… as you see fit.

The CD has basically escaped as a high quality demo CD rather than the finished and near-perfect CD I envisioned. I hope you will enjoy it. It will be available in two weeks (30Oct2010) on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon, (among other places) for purchase and for live streaming. I hope you enjoy it enough to do so.

Entangle Mental CD released!
Entangle Mental entire CD

Pages 1 and 4 of insert

Pages 2 and 3 of insert

Page 2 and 3 and AcknowledgementTray Card

Tray fixed (doh!)

Tray Card


Most excellent: I have some new equipment on the way that should give greater stability to my recording system. Not that I have regular problems now, but I’m getting a new (to me) MOTU 24 I/O and expansion for the PCIe bus, which should make it far far far less likely of having a dropout during a session due to firewire synchronicity issues (they crop up every once in a while, especially when the computer has been on for 8 to 10 hours). Also, it will give me 48 inputs and outputs. I don’t know how i’ll get an orchestra in the studio, but if I can:  i’ll be able to do a live recording with close mics on them. 🙂

So thanks and good luck to Greg from Orion Records in Phildelphia for passing on the savings, as they apparently went ProTools!

Confusion Only: yes. Thrashing Ashley: no.

I had to stop playing with thrashing Ashley a couple of weeks ago as Confusion Only is taking my time. Plus, Confusion Only is actually gigging and making money and Thrashing Ashley is looking for a new guitarist and not playing.

I must admit to feeling bad about stopping the Thrashing ashley saga as they are nice guys and it’s good music. Sadly, i lost too much money on a gig of which I wasn’t even supposed to be a permanent part: way too much money. Especially as i realized midway that the band as it stood wouldn’t be viable after the CD completion, due to members doing too many other things to make ends meet.

Very sad.

confusion Only has finished their CD (the recording part), and most of the artwork, and once the “thank yous” are written, we should be getting that printed. In the meantime, you can buy CD-R versions at our gigs. is UP! now has content: two songs (Silver and One Day). It also has information about G.O.Recording Studio.

One Day

This was recorded originally back in 2001 or 2002 before I did anything on computer. It’s basically untouched except for many vocal retakes and some new effects. Which…um…makes it changed, really.


Written for a friend who doesn’t know I wrote it. And that’s just as well.