SONAR X1 downloaded

I am now the proud owner of Cakewalk’s new release and DAW overhaul: SONAR X1. It’s quite nice looking, and I can see some nice improvements to the workflow. Unfortunately, the overhaul has changed all the key-bindings, which means I will have to re-learn or re-enter all my old ones and all of the drop down menus have changed, which- again- means I’ll have to relearn them. Which is why I bought their release now, rather than in two months when the dot release updates and fixes have come out: so I can start learning the new system. That and it took nearly 24 hours to download it all due to a 20GB multi-session download package. Lots of early morning and late night checking on progress, but it’s on the HD!

So far, however, I think it’s effected the stability of SONAR 8.5 just alittle as last night’s session had a couple of issues which had not occurred in a long, long, while. I use the 64 bit version of SONAR, usually, as it allows me access to lots and lots of RAM, making softsynths and smaplers use less hard drive resources. Alas, I switched from messing about in X1 to opening aclients project in 8.5 (to be fair, a project I hadn’t worked on since March) and the computer blue screened. Not a happy moment. Turns out, the I had to open the project in the 32-bit version. Stranger and stranger. But it all worked out. and the session went relatively curse free.

Today then, I begin with X1 and record some basic tracks for CD#2 and begin learning the new system.

Don’t forget you can buy my CD at CD Baby (better for me) or iTunes (not so better for me, but good for Apple) or you can still download my entire CD in one swell foop here.