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SONAR X1b, Power!, and the Nook

Cakewalk released the update to X1 yesterday. So I duly downloaded and installed. There were a few bugs I wanted fixed, and it appears they fixed them. Yay! As my reward, I ordered Scott Garrigus‘ book Sonar X1: Power! I figured I’d go over to Barnes & Nobles, first, and see if they had it for the Nook. They did! Yay! For $40. Boo, considering the print edition is only $28. Meh. So I did what any right-thinking person would do: I wrote them a letter and tweeted of my disappointment.  We shall see how that turns out if at all. I should be receiving my book this week , however, but sadly not a Nook copy. It appears the publishers  really do not want to embrace this new-fangled techmolology.

So I didn’t get too much testing of X1b as I was doing some actual work which didn’t require much of the new features. They did appear to fix some of the small bugs, like tracks and their associated waves and MIDI date not matching up when going back and forth between Track and Console views. They also appeared to have fixed a problem with the screensets losing their settings when going back and forth between them, which was extremely annoying.

So good  on ya, Cakewalk!

Last, I am finally getting some more songy ideas and at least semi-humorous lyrics. And while I am not really disappointed, the latest one really sounds just a wee bit too much like Roy Zimmerman. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s so….obvious. You should really check out his youtubes. That sounds way more lascivious than it is.

On another good note: the sun revealed itself through the cloud cover, so ’tis a good day.