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Grammy Consideration for “Clueless In Dallas”!

Written by Joel Williams (website) and produced by me, Joel, and Patrice Villastrigo (website).

That’s two for G.O.Recording Studios! The first was with Monkey Soop.


You may still get the entire album FOR FREE as a single MP3 (no commitment, no signing up for a mailing list, no worries) here:

Entangle Mental, the entire CD

Better (for me and for any artist) is to buy it from (see sidebar to the left)

First download from CDBaby!

Very exciting that someone purchased “Entangle Mental” from! They didn’t get the full magnificent glory of the CD, but they bought the download! Thank you “DE”, whoever and wherever you are. i am unsure if ‘DE’ is the country, state, or initials of the purchaser.

No worries. It’s a start.

In the meantime, you can still right click and download:

Entangle Mental, the entire CD

Entangle Mental now available at CDBaby

I must have had a hell of a brain dump, because tracks 8 and 9 have the wrong names (it’s correct on the CD, but the digital downloads track 8 should be Open Eyes, and 9 should be Parable…meh). But if these CD-Rs sell enough, I will fix that with the replicated printing.

And you can still download the entire CD in mp3 form  here:

The Entire “Entangle Mental” CD in one fell swoop!

Here is the entire CD in a single download. It is slightly lesser quality than an MP3 you might get from iTunes, or make yourself, but certainly good enough for you to get the idea. All you have to do- should you want to- is cut it up. This can be done using Audacity which is a free audio program a relatively easy to use.

The link to get Entangle Mental is:

Entangle Mental, the entire CD

Right-click and Save As… as you see fit.

The CD has basically escaped as a high quality demo CD rather than the finished and near-perfect CD I envisioned. I hope you will enjoy it. It will be available in two weeks (30Oct2010) on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon, (among other places) for purchase and for live streaming. I hope you enjoy it enough to do so.

Entangle Mental CD released!
Entangle Mental entire CD

Pages 1 and 4 of insert

Pages 2 and 3 of insert

Page 2 and 3 and AcknowledgementTray Card

Tray fixed (doh!)

Tray Card

CD Title is: Entanglemental

Mock-ups of the cover soon.

All recording finished…

now all i need is a title for the album. I was going with the title “5 Color Photographs” for the longest time, but now i am thinking of doing something different and not using a song title as the album title.

So the names I’ve been tossing around are: "

– Defenestrated

– A Treatise on the Efficaciousnous of Non-Convoluted Exposition

– Euphemistic Elipsis

– Pop Shot

– Pander

– Hodge Podge

– Controversially Agreeable

– Schroedinger’s Cat Was Bored

– Maxwell’s Equations Make Horrible Coffee

– Verschraenkung or Entanglement

– Entangled

I like the second one, but it’s a bit too silly? I do like the last two as well (the previous to last is Schroedinger’s word for “entanglement”)

Hmmm…entanglement could have some nice visual possibilities as well.

Ah, recording

So very close to finished on the CD which has been called “5 Color Photographs” for so long, I just may not change it. I deem it a good time to begin the arttwork process as well, as i finish the fiddly recording bits and mixing and mastering.

Bug in My Coffee

I think the song title says it all. Enjoy! Dead Bug In My Coffee 04Apr2010

Hear Those Words: NEW SONG!

Finally, I have another song to upload. I just bought a MOTU 24I/0 and expansion box for the studio and now I have 48 channels of live recording power. I don’t think i can get that many people in my studio, tho.
So here is the new song. Hope you enjoy it. It features Paul Kandera doing the primary twiddly bits on the guitar.

Hear Those Words

This song features Paul Kandera on slide guitar and interstitial guitar bits. Thanks Paul!

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